Posted by Patti Van Cleave
President Chuck called the meeting to order at 12:16.
Thought: Tony filled in for Mike.
Visiting guests: none
Birthdays and anniversaries: none
Rich is still happily accepting donations for the shoe program through Operation Warm. Greeting cards will be printed soon and need to be completed by April 10 by stopping at the Community House.
Happy Bucks:
Fred gets his first shot tomorrow!
Marie got about 60 shots in her knee to cryofreeze the nerves in the joint. She’s hopeful that this treatmsnet  works.s
Laura is happy for Rich that he will have two new dogs in a couple of hours!
David B. is going to a restaurant this weekend! First time in over a year!
Fred shared, in honor of Women’s History month, some humorous words from Phyllis Diller.
Speakers were introduced by John Thomas:
Elise Larson – Special Gifts Theater
An educational and therapeutic theater program for students with disabilities. We support the Peer Mentor program, pairing a student in the program with a volunteer student to work together on a theater production.
This year, using Zoom has been a special challenge. They just produced “Frozen” and she shared a clip from the production as well as a reflection from a student who has participated for 10 years!
Cristina Phillips – Career Resource Center
A vocational services organization, they are currently operating only virtually. Resume, LinkedIn, interview, social/emotional skills. Serving recent college grads through executive level. Serving primarily the North Shore. Small staff of 2.25 members, they have over 100 volunteers providing direct services. Offer a program a week in a group setting on a job related issue. Weekly accountability group to provide support with MSW tackling all aspects of job search, supporting those who need it in a stressful time.  30th anniversary was last year – currently in a Campaign for the Future. Happily reports that clients ARE getting jobs, even in this environment. Strange, though that one can find a job and may not meet their coworkers til next year due to COVID.
Susan Shulman – North Suburban Legal Aid Clinic
Founded in 2015 due to a gap in legal services in Highland Park and Highwood. They have expanded to provide services as needed well beyond Highland Park and Highwood.
She shared a story about a young woman who arrived here from another country to Evanston. She was being used as a maid and was to be forced to marry the women’s son. They supported her to leave this situation and find safe housing with the mother of a friend.
Their target family situation is working with families with income of $66,250 or less for a family of 4.
They have grown from 2-3 employees to 15 in 6 years, demonstrating the need. During COVID they are working remotely, court is via zoom as are all client interactions. Three primary programs:
Immigration – They offer a full range of services to complete the immigration process. Served over 400 clients last year, 138 so far this year. Uptick in DACA cases last year and this year. Stats show that between 1990-2009 immigration grew by 95% in suburbs.
Domestic violence – Working with families, have seen a 44% increase since COVID. 1/3 women are survivors of domestic violence nationally.
Housing – They work with landlord/tenant relations. Cases have quadrupled since COVID. Having representation can double a tenant’s chances of a favorable outcome.
President Chuck adjourned the meeting at 1:01.