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News From Rotary International

Rotary, USAID collaboration improves sanitation facilities in Ghana
According to a 2012 report by UNICEF and the World Health Organization, Ghana has made great strides in providing its people with clean drinking water. But access to better sanitation has lagged. Only about 14 percent of Ghanaians have access to improved facilities, compared with the 54 percent target set for 2015 by the United Nations Millennium Development Goals. Addressing the issue isn't simple, as pit latrines need emptying, toilets need maintenance, and promoting hygiene requires education. The H2O Collaboration, a partnership between Rotary and the U.S. Agency for International...
How a simple school project in India became a global grant
Two years ago, U.S. Rotary members in Maine set out to improve the education system in Bikaner, Rajasthan, an Indian city near the border of Pakistan. The Rotary Club of Kennebunk Portside chose Bikaner because club member Rohit Mehta was originally from the area and had connections there. Mehta put the club in contact with Rotarians in India to provide desks for four government-run schools. But when community leaders returned with a request for more desks, the Maine Rotarians decided they had to think bigger. The Rotary Foundation had rolled out its new grant model, which required that the...
Korean sailor makes waves for End Polio Now
Enjoying calm winds and peaceful Pacific waters, Seung Jin Kim dove off his 43-foot sailboat, the Arapani, to swim with some dolphins nearby. The serenity that day near the equator was a stark contrast to the 60 mph winds and 23-foot waves he had to fight around Cape Horn, the southern tip of South America. But Kim, a veteran sailor and member of the Rotary Club of Seokmun, in Chungcheongnam, Korea, expected such challenges when he set out in mid-October on a 25,600-mile journey around the world. In addition to fulfilling a lifelong dream, Kim is using the trip to raise awareness and funds...
Monrovia club’s Ebola fight not finished
After the first cases of Ebola reached Liberia's capital, Monrovia, last June, local Rotary members feared that the city's limited health care system wouldn't be able to contain the highly infectious, often-deadly disease. Those fears were realized when infections quickly multiplied, underscoring the speed with which Ebola can spread in an urban center. It was the first time the hemorrhagic fever had threatened a major city since it erupted in West Africa last March. Now, after months of crisis-level response, and with the number of new cases declining, club members are looking to the long...
Rotary member takes fundraising to new heights -- the summit of Mount Everest
Despite his longstanding interest in polio eradication, polio was not on Joe Pratt's mind as he prepared for a mid-April 2012 climb of Mount Everest, the highest mountain on earth. But that changed in late 2011, when the resident of Nottingham, New Hampshire, USA, participated in a polio immunization project in Pakistan with fellow Rotary member Steve Puderbaugh. Moved by the efforts of the Pakistanis to battle the crippling disease, and by the vulnerability of the young victims, Pratt reset the focus of his climbing adventure. Pakistan is one of three countries where polio has never been...

Welcome to our Club! Celebrating 90 Years of Service.

Come join us for lunch, fellowship and service.


Service Above Self

We meet Thursdays at 12:15 PM
Winnetka Community House
620 Lincoln Avenue
Tyrrell Room (winter) 111A (summer)
Winnetka, IL  60093
United States
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Club News

There were 30 members in attendance this week and for the second week we had no guests.  President Bob Baker announced that we were honoring Mike Malloy for a Paul Harris Fellowship.  He was given a certificate and a Paul Harris pin.  Bob also announced that the installation dinner of the new officers for the 2015-16 Rotary year would be held on June 11th at 5:30 p.m. at the Community House.  John Thomas thanked the club for the great showing at this year’s benefit, which netted approximately $7000 for our charitable foundation.  John said the original number of guest they were planning for was 60, that number was upped a couple of times and 85 actually showed up.  It was a tremendous job performed by the benefit committee who planned and produced the event!
The District 6440 Humanitarian Patriot Awards are to be presented on June 12th at 7:00 p.m.  A social hour with heavy hors d’oeuvres will precede the awards ceremony at 6:00 p.m.  The event will honor support for the United States Armed Forces Veterans and their families.  The event will be held at Rosiland Franklin University in North Chicago and is sponsored by the Rotary Club of North Chicago
We celebrated the Rotary anniversaries of Connie Berman( 13th), Tom Evans, (6th) and Greg Skirving (1st) as well as celebrating the 80th birthday of Fred Schwimmer.  Bob Smith contributed the only Happy Buck.
The speaker for the day was astrophysicist, Dr. Alan Zablocki, who graciously filled in for the scheduled speaker, courtesy of Marie Kuipers.  Alan’s return was “Everything about the Universe- Part Deux.”  As a good teacher Alan reviewed some of the points he made in his April presentation.  He reminded us that there are about 300 million galaxies.  The Hubble telescope is now 25 years old and it has an estimated 3–5 years of useful life left.  The next telescope for studying the galaxies is the James Webb Space Telescope.  This telescope will be almost three times larger and because of its size the mirror has to be folded to fit inside of a rocket, which has never been done before.  Also a new larger rocket must be developed.  This new telescope will take pictures in infra-red whereas the Hubble can only use visible light.  Alan also reported that there is significant espionage involved with these high-powered telescopes.
Alan remarked that it is so much easier to build telescopes high on mountaintops above much of the earth’s atmosphere, frequently two or three are built as a team of telescopes.  There still is the problem of the distortion caused by what atmosphere exists.
Dr. Zablocki also spoke about the cameras that are used and showed some photos that are used to document what the telescopes see.   In addition to the more traditional light cameras they now have a 570-mega-pixel dark energy camera.  It is like having a camera composed of 64 iPhones.  Ordinary matter (atoms) makes up only 5% of the universe while dark energy makes up 68% of the universe.  We know that the universe is 13.8 billion years old, it is expanding and the rate of expansion is accelerating.  Another interesting fact is the third component of the universe is dark matter.  Dark matter does not shine or reflect light but it does have gravitational force.  There is five times more dark matter than ordinary matter, but we still know very little about it.
One of the coolest pictures in Alan’s presentation was that of the Smiley Face galaxy, which is really two large galaxies with immense gravity that bends light of nearby galaxies.  This bent light forms the outline of the face and the mouth.



The 2014-15 Rotary Year is nearly over, and our club has accomplished much.  Our members are engaged; our Operation Warm, Kids Against Hunger and Community Grants programs were all great successes.  We supported many fine local and international non-profits and just held another successful and very fun fundraising dinner to support our Community Grants fund for next year. We have much to be proud about our club, and about being a part of the greater fellowship of Rotary.

One goal we have yet to reach is our contributions to the Annual Program Fund of The Rotary Foundation.  Through May 21, 16 of 60 members of our club have contributed $5,830 to The Rotary Foundation's Annual Programs Fund, or 96% of the $100 per member goal set by President Bob and our board.   We thank these 16 Rotarians for already making their annual contribution, especially those in bold who are Paul Harris Fellows:

Wes Baumann, Tom Evans, Dave Gotaas, David Grant*, Mark Kotz, Marie Kuipers+Rich Lalley+, Mike Malloy+Bernie Michna, Rodger Morris*Chuck  Norton, Keith Reed, Randy Reeves, Mike Shelton, John Thomas and Patti Van Cleave.
* signifies a Major Donor. signifies Paul Harris Society ($1,000 per year)

There are many reasons to give to the The Rotary Foundation:

  • Contributions support humanitarian and educational projects initiated and run by Rotary Clubs and Districts in six areas of focus- Disease prevention and treatment, maternal & child health, education & literacy, water and sanitation, economic & community development and peace & conflict resolution.  Learn more by reviewing the Foundation’s annual report.
  • Contributions come back to support projects of our club's projects, like our coats for kids, Kids Against Hunger and International grants projects like the water well project we helped fund for an orphanage in Kenya and the digital x-ray/community health clinic project organized by District 6440. This year, we received nearly $4,000 for our Kids Against Hunger project! But we must give to receive.
  • Charity Navigator gives The Rotary Foundation its highest “Four Star” rating, giving it a score 92.45 out of 100.
  • Giving to The Rotary Foundation is an easy way for you to participate in Rotary’s service work beyond our club, providing you a personal connection to this great organization and the good it does throughout the world.

It’s easy to give.  You can donate with a check or credit card at lunch; you can send a check to “WNRCF” (mark TRF in the memo line) to our club at 620 Lincoln Ave, Winnetka; you can donate via PayPal by clicking here, or you can donate directly to The Rotary Foundation at or by calling 866-976-8279. One very convenient way to give is by making a recurring monthly gift on your credit card, which you can set up on Rotary’s website.

If you have any questions about The Rotary Foundation or how to give, contact Rich Lalley.


Thanks to all of our club members, Rotarians from other local clubs and over 400 service minded local citizens, we successfully completed our 5th annual Kids Against Hunger event on March 21. 100,000 highly nutritious meals are on the way to Nicaragua.  Great job by all who contributed time and funding to make this Community & International Service project a success.

Our Club's foundation board has recently approved all allocations for our annual Community Grants for 2015. Fifteen organizations received grants this year, representing a total of $28,000. Recipients will attend our Grants Program lunch on March 12 to receive their checks and share information about their programs.
Club members have the opportunity to designate additional funds to any of these organizations. These funds will be matched, dollar for dollar by the club's foundation, up to the limit of our annual budget. Those additional funds will be added to the organization's allocation, and organizations will be notified of the member's donation. Members interested in contributing matching funds should make checks out to WNRCF and note the organization's name. 
Here are our grantees for 2015, and their club sponsor:
Angles (formerly LINKS)                       Van Cleave
Blues Kids Foundation                          Lalley
Erika's Lighthouse                                Leahy
Good News Partners                            Tubekis
​Hadley School for the Blind                   Willian
​Jewish Council for Youth Services         E. Birkenstein
​Lawrence Hall Youth Services               Van Cleave
Literature for All of Us                           Van Cleave
Midwest CareCenter                              Holland
North Shore Center/Performing Arts       E. Birkenstein
​Operation North Pole                            Lalley
​Right to be Free                                   Lalley
​Samaritan Counseling Center                Tubekis
​Volunteer Center                                  Sich
Winnetka Youth Organization                Thomas
Foundation board members:
Bob Baker, Connie Berman, David Birkenstein, Eric Birkenstein, Tony Kambich, Rich Lalley, Tim McCabe, Rodger Morris, Brooke Peppey,Patti Van Cleave


Are you thinking about joining our club, but have some questions?  Or have you recently joined and want to know more about how things work?  Check our our new FAQs:

Still have questions?  Send them to and we'll send you an answer and update our FAQs.



Last year, our club helped fund a Rotary Foundation Matching Grant program supporting a Rotary Club sponsored prosthesis clinic in Bolivia.  Our club's funds were matched with funds from The Rotary Foundation; $2.50 for each $1 we contributed.  Take a look at the impact this program has had on one gentleman!

Our club was able to participate in the matching grant program because our members contribute each year the the Annual Programs Fund of The Rotary Foundation.  You can make a contribution via PayPal by clicking here.


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Ms. Weinstein and Ms Young will speak on how TL2C finds more rewarding jobs for challanged adults
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David Whitlock The Happiness Catalyst
David helps young adults understand themselves better to make more informed choices in their lives.
Jul 09, 2015
Patrick Gazley
The African Country of Malawi, a guide to its Culture, History and Images
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