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Nigeria sees no wild polio cases for one year
Today marks one year since Nigeria last reported a polio case caused by wild poliovirus, putting the country on the brink of eradicating the paralyzing disease. The last case was reported on 24 July 2014 in the northern state of Kano. If no cases are reported in the coming weeks, the World Health Organization is expected to remove Nigeria from the list of countries where polio is endemic, leaving just two: Afghanistan and Pakistan. Nigeria is the last polio-endemic country in Africa. The continent is poised to reach its own first full year without any illness from the virus on 11 August. “...
Australian students take opportunity by the horns
The rules of the Shaftesbury Rodeo Academy are simple: no school, no rodeo. It’s a message that teenagers who attend school at Bisley Farm, most of whom have never attended any school regularly, take seriously. Because come Friday night, these aspiring rodeo heroes want to join their friends to ride bulls for a heart-stopping eight seconds, if they last that long. The school in rural Queensland, Australia, also teaches the boys, who are of the Wakka Wakka Aboriginal people, basic academics and farming skills, including how to care for crops and livestock. It’s a fairly common form of...
Illiteracy traps adults, and their families, in poverty
Around the world, millions of adults are unable to read or write, and therefore struggle to earn a living for themselves and their families. Even in the United States, with its considerable resources, there are 36 million adults who can’t read better than the average third-grader, according to the international nonprofit ProLiteracy. In Detroit, Michigan, a widely cited 2003 survey conducted by the National Institute for Literacy found that almost half of residents over age 16 were functionally illiterate -- unable to use reading, speaking, writing, and computer skills in everyday life....
Meet Rotary’s new president
This excerpt from the July issue of The Rotarian magazine profiles the 2015-16 RI president. Before he gives a speech, K.R. Ravindran doesn’t like flowery, adulatory introductions. They make him uncomfortable. The 2015-16 Rotary president would rather keep a low profile and share the credit. If it were up to him, you probably wouldn’t even be reading this article. Negotiating Days of Tranquility during the Sri Lankan civil war so that health workers could administer drops of polio vaccine? Although it was on his desk that the agreement landed, he says, a lot of people worked to make that...
Apply to serve on an RI committee
If you would you like to contribute to Rotary by serving on a committee, this is your opportunity. The nine committees listed below are searching for qualified candidates for openings in 2016-17. Each of these committee works with Rotary leaders to increase efficiency and promote the goals and priorities of our strategic plan. To be considered for a committee appointment, go to for an application form. The application deadline is 20 August. Learn more about the committees and the application process. Get answers to frequently asked questions....

Welcome to our Club! Celebrating 90 Years of Service.

Come join us for lunch, fellowship and service.


Service Above Self

We meet Thursdays at 12:15 PM
Winnetka Community House
620 Lincoln Avenue
Tyrrell Room (winter) 111A (summer)
Winnetka, IL  60093
United States
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Rotary membership connects you with a network of passionate community leaders focused on positive change through service. Together we are building peace. Find out how in this video and get involved.

Club News


Wes Baumann and Keith Reed are looking for one or two more members to share with the writing of the weekly Meeting Recaps.  With three or four persons handling this responsibility the task becomes far less onerous.  Desperately needed is someone to cover the August 6th meeting.  If you are willing to become a scribe for our Rotary Club please contact Wes Baumann at or Keith Reed at



We had only 20 members present for the July 23 meeting!  The lowest total in a long time and the third time in the past five weeks we have had fewer than 25 members in attendance.  Please remember that an important part of Rotary is showing up at our regular luncheons.  Visitors at our meeting included the District Assistant Governor, Mary Bak, from the Glenview Sunrise Club and Mike Noonan, from Costco Marketing.  

Happy Buck$ came from Kristen Leahy who reported her gratitude for the members of the club who supported the WYO’s service trip to work for Habitat for Humanity in Sheboygan, Wisconsin.  Tom Nash aptly handled dig n Grin.

The speaker for the day was Paula Jablonski, a holistic health care coach and former nurse who has spent her entire adult life in the health care field.  Now she wants to spend her time helping people prevent disease.  Her presentation was entitled “Sugar Blues.”  Paula spent time explaining how the sugar sucrose, a very common ingredient in our food supply, is composed of two molecules, glucose and fructose.  Glucose supplies much of the energy for the body, as 80% of sugar is normally converted to energy and 20% is turned into fat.   It is the fructose in our food that is the real culprit.  Fructose is metabolized by the liver and is converted into fat.  She said that when food processors began removing the fat from their products the bland taste led to adding sweeteners, most often in the form of high fructose corn syrup, which is extremely cheap. The consumption of too much fructose leads us to feel hungry when we our appetite should be suppressed.  It can frequently lead to hypertension, elevated triglycerides, decreased HDL (the good cholesterol), an increased waist circumference and high blood sugar.

Paula said that the sugar requirements for men are 9 teaspoons of sugar, and 6 teaspoons for women.  Since more food packages express that sugar contents in grams she said that 4 grams of equals one teaspoon of sugar.  She encouraged her audience to make sure they are getting protein and fiber in their diets at every meal as these will assist in weight loss.  Fiber helps slow down the rate absorption of sugar.

All of these problems are reversible, so be sweet but don’t eat sweets!


Thanks to all of our club members, Rotarians from other local clubs and over 400 service minded local citizens, we successfully completed our 5th annual Kids Against Hunger event on March 21. 100,000 highly nutritious meals are on the way to Nicaragua.  Great job by all who contributed time and funding to make this Community & International Service project a success.

Our Club's foundation board has recently approved all allocations for our annual Community Grants for 2015. Fifteen organizations received grants this year, representing a total of $28,000. Recipients will attend our Grants Program lunch on March 12 to receive their checks and share information about their programs.
Club members have the opportunity to designate additional funds to any of these organizations. These funds will be matched, dollar for dollar by the club's foundation, up to the limit of our annual budget. Those additional funds will be added to the organization's allocation, and organizations will be notified of the member's donation. Members interested in contributing matching funds should make checks out to WNRCF and note the organization's name. 
Here are our grantees for 2015, and their club sponsor:
Angles (formerly LINKS)                       Van Cleave
Blues Kids Foundation                          Lalley
Erika's Lighthouse                                Leahy
Good News Partners                            Tubekis
​Hadley School for the Blind                   Willian
​Jewish Council for Youth Services         E. Birkenstein
​Lawrence Hall Youth Services               Van Cleave
Literature for All of Us                           Van Cleave
Midwest CareCenter                              Holland
North Shore Center/Performing Arts       E. Birkenstein
​Operation North Pole                            Lalley
​Right to be Free                                   Lalley
​Samaritan Counseling Center                Tubekis
​Volunteer Center                                  Sich
Winnetka Youth Organization                Thomas
Foundation board members:
Bob Baker, Connie Berman, David Birkenstein, Eric Birkenstein, Tony Kambich, Rich Lalley, Tim McCabe, Rodger Morris, Brooke Peppey,Patti Van Cleave


Are you thinking about joining our club, but have some questions?  Or have you recently joined and want to know more about how things work?  Check our our new FAQs:

Still have questions?  Send them to and we'll send you an answer and update our FAQs.



Last year, our club helped fund a Rotary Foundation Matching Grant program supporting a Rotary Club sponsored prosthesis clinic in Bolivia.  Our club's funds were matched with funds from The Rotary Foundation; $2.50 for each $1 we contributed.  Take a look at the impact this program has had on one gentleman!

Our club was able to participate in the matching grant program because our members contribute each year the the Annual Programs Fund of The Rotary Foundation.  You can make a contribution via PayPal by clicking here.


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Jul 30, 2015
Georgia Koch
Aptitude testing
Aug 06, 2015
Aug 13, 2015
Dr. Jade Stanley NEIU and Dirk Tussing
Dr. Stanley will discuss the benefits of WNCF Scholarship given by our Club last year.
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