Here's an update we recently recieved from our former Youth Exchange Student Hideki:
Hi, everybody. How was everyone’s Thanksgiving break? I hope everyone had a good time with people whom you are thankful for.
During my stay in the states, I kept saying that one day I would go back to America.  That ‘one day’ is about to come true.  Starting from August, 2014, I will be studying a year at Ripon College, Wisconsin. It is a liberal arts college and really small sized, closely related to the community of the town.  According to the google map (always useful, by the way), it is a two hours and a half drive away from New Trier, so it may be possible to reunite again! (If you allow me) (Kristen, I am aware that you have moved, but still..)
At my current university, I started playing football, and we finished our season with 5-2, ranked third in our conference. Seniors are gone now, but the rest of our team is back on the field for off-season training and practice to get better each and every day.  Academically speaking, I am about to finish my classes in 2013. My major has not decided yet, but
might do psycholinguistics; how the brain processes languages.
I’m finishing off with a picture of mine which was taken during the season. #37 is me.
I hope you all and your family are doing great. Hope to hear from you!
Hideki Tsuji
P.S. It only takes about an hour to get to the Lambeau Field from Ripon College (yes, you heard it right)!  You could imagine how excited I am for this! lol