Please help our club support homeless victims of Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines.  
We have already made a contribution to fund two ShelterBoxs, and are still raising funds for more.  Thanks to Bob Baker, David Birkenstein, Wes Bauman, Gina DiSandro, Heather Higgins, Ginny Hilton, Tony Kambich, Rich Lalley, Kristen Leahy, Bill Leske, Bernie Michna, Rodger Morris, Joe Nash, Brooke Peppey, Alan Ramsay, Keith Reed, Heidi Sibert, John Stone, Patti Van Cleave and Jean Wright for your contributions!  District 6440 has also contributed $200 of its District Desigated Funds from The Rotary Foundation to our efforts.
Make your tax deductible donations to the Winnetka Nothfeild Rotary Charitable Foundation, by check at lunch this week or by PayPal by clicking here.