Visitors (All potential new members):
  • Jack Vandeveld, active business man who is involved in many charities - guest of David Birkenstein
  • Bob Smith, newly appointed Executive Director of the Winnetka Park District - guest of John Thomas
  • Jan Hubbard, Director of Development for Good News Partners on Chicago’s far northside – guest of Barb Tubekis
  • Alison Wertheimer, Highwood Baird & Warner realtor – guest of Eric Birkenstein
Please make a special effort to reach our and welcome our guests and let them know what a great club we have as well as the opportunites to serve. 
Liz Taylor was given a “Time to Shine.”  She told us of her many pets as a child, including 22 cats.  She also traced her career in banking and her move from Harris Bank to the North Shore Community Bank where she is the  current manager of the Winnetka and Glencoe branches.
President Eric auctioned off a vial of biosolids (‘poop’) that the previous week’s speaker from the Water Reclamation District donated to our club.  Robert Mardirossian is the proud new owner of the vial.
The speaker this week was Brian Israel, president of the non-profit Illinois Jump$tart Coalition, which is an organization with the goal of increasing financial literarcy among low and moderate income populations.  He presented some pretty stark examples of how easy it is to get in financial deep water.  Brian also expressed concern for the Millenial Generation for their lack of understanding how large a role financial decisions can be to a person’s security and well-being.  A big concern is how best to spread the ‘financial gospel’ to a much broader audience.  He said that there is a lack  of a systemized financial education, and that schools are not succeeding in this realm.  Jump$tart conducts numerous programs throughout the area to try to improve the situation.