Thirty-seven members attended our meeting this week; in addition we had five guests.  Pat O’Day brought Brian Gill, a musician from Evanston, and former Winnetka resident.  Patti Van Cleave brought Harry Grace, the President of the Winnetka Historical Society.  Simon Stein of Wintrust Mortgage was the guest of Liz Taylor and David Birkenstein brought Greg Skirving, a real estate agent, and Phil Krone, a mortgage consultant.
The president reminded us of the Chamber of Commerce – “WN Rotary Club “After Hours” event on April 24th from 5 to 7 p.m. at the Happ Inn.  Put this event on your calendar.
Rich Lalley informed the Club that our Kids Against Hunger” event had 477 people registered to work, the largest number in the four years of our participation and that we would be packing 110,000 meals, an increase of 10,000.
Bob Baker announced plans for a Benefit in May to raise money to support our annual Foundation grants program.  Our Club will be celebrating its 90th anniversary at this event.  He is looking for donations for the auction.  See Bob to help support this critical event.
Our guest Brian Gill, a folk singer who, in the past, performed at the Community House entertained us as he played and sang the last song written by Pete Seeger, “God’s Counting on Me, God’s Counting on You.”
The day’s speaker was John J. Mahoney, the Supervisor of the Public Corruption and Financial Crimes Unit of the Office of the State’s Attorney of Cook County. His team is responsible for investigating and prosecuting corrupt government officials, embezzlement, insurance fraud, money laundering, ant the like.  John spoke about two cases were he was the lead prosecutor.  The Burr Oaks Cemetery scandal where the owner of the cemetery, known as the final resting place for many prominent blacks, was reselling gravesites by digging up the remains and reburying them in a mass grave on the property.  This was done to support the owner’s severe gambling problem.  The other major case was that of Republic Windows.  The founder of the company, a first generation immigrant, had built up a very successful company that he started in his garage.  Then his son ran the company in the ground and was secretively moving equipment out of the new factory and was going to file for bankruptcy when union members who were going to be left ‘high and dry’ discovered his actions.  Both owners are now residents in the “Joint” according to John.  On March 18th John won the Democratic nomination for judge of the 4th sub-circuit court in Cook County.  He will be unopposed in November.