The meeting was attended by 44 members plus a visiting Rotarian, Maureen Kuipers, from the Northbrook Club.  Lee Padgitt had a guest, Charlie Brown of Winnetka, who is an Intellectual Property Attorney with an office in Northfield and who is a prospective member. 
President Eric inducted new member Jake Ieuter.  Jake, a risk management specialist, was sponsored by Peter Skalski.
It was Tony Kambich’s “Moment to Shine.”  Tony spoke of his involvement with Uganda that began 15 years ago when he went there with several Rotarians and $342,000 to set up a micro-loan program.  The program has made 20,000 loans and set up a full time clinic and pharmacy.  A few years later Tony and his wife, Carolyn, set up a Montessori school in Uganda.  Today there are over 500 students in attendance.  We are all proud of the work Tony has done in the name of Rotary.
Reminder:  One of our largest projects “Kids Against Hunger” is just around the corner.  We will be packing 100,000 meals for children in Central America.  There are still some slots left to fill so you can still register to participate at
The week’s speaker was Judge Albert Swanson of the Circuit Court of Cook County dealing with foreclosures.  He told us of his interesting 10-year career as a radio reporter for WBBM and WMAQ in the 70’s.  He spent a year covering the John Wayne Gacy trial.  He went to Kent Law School at night and became a judge in 2010.  He told us that in both 2011 and 2012 there were over 70,000 cases dealing with foreclosure and that each judge handles over 5000 cases per year.  In uncontested cases it takes about four years from the first missed payment before an eviction notice can be served.  Judge Swanson said he gets great satisfaction from his work in helping people get out from their burden.  He hears 60 - 80 cases a day.